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Settling into September!!

Summer is over, school is back in session, and self-care has significantly diminished. The time you had to go to the gym is now replaced with getting the kids ready for school or helping with homework. Transporting your children back and forth to their extracurricular activities has depleted any energy you had left for yourself. Your work schedule has changed. You are more tired. Daylight savings time is about to occur. So many reasons that may have been able to occur to stop you from reaching your goal.

Instead of feeling defeated, use September as the month to maintain your weight and settle into your new schedule. You may feel inclined to take the easier route some days, (i.e., fast food, quick unhealthy snacks, etc.), however easier can set you back and you did not come this far to only make it this far. Check out FYF 5 tips below to help you stay on course as you settle into your new schedule.

1.) Remember this. Life will always change. It’s inevitable. However, self-care is non-negotiable. You must take care of your self before you can take care of others.

2.) Sit down and write out your current schedule with its new changes. Compare it to your old schedule. Figure out where your work out time fits into your new schedule.

3.) Check your support system. Check with your spouse, significant other, friend to ensure that you can get at least 45 mins to an hour of self-care daily to continue your journey.

4.) Take advantage of ANY time you can move toward your goals. Walk up steps instead of taking the elevator at work. Jog on your lunch break. Walk the track while your kid is at practice. Take advantage of anytime that is available to you.

5.) While adjusting your schedule, focus heavily on your calorie intake. You may not have a lot of time to work out as if right now, but you have complete control of what you consume.

Stay focused. The plan may have to change, but the goal remains the same!

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