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FYF Plans

FYF realizes that different clients have different needs. Whether you're an independent client who simply just needs to know what to do and how to do it, a self-aware client who knows they can meet any goal, yet just needs someone to hold them accountable, or a realist clients who knows "I cannot complete this journey alone and I need help!" WE GOT YOU!


No matter who you are or where you are in your health and wellness journey, FYF has a program for you! Check out which program is best for YOU!


Bimonthly: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov

Ready to transform your health and achieve amazing results? Join us in the Small Changes Create Big Results Challenge which is designed to help you kickstart your fitness journey and create lasting habits for a healthier lifestyle.


Here's what you can expect when you join the challenge:

  1. Personalized Calorie Count: Say goodbye to guesswork! We calculate your daily calorie intake based on your unique profile, including height, weight, and age. You'll receive a personalized plan that ensures you're fueling your body with the right amount of nutrients.

  2. Daily Exercise Program: Get ready to sweat! Gain access to a month's worth of carefully curated exercises that suit your fitness level. Our program is designed to gradually increase in intensity, ensuring steady progress as you build strength and endurance.

  3. Virtual Free Yourself Fitness Tracker: Stay on track with our intuitive fitness tracker. Monitor your daily calorie intake, track your mood, and log your exercises effortlessly. This powerful tool will keep you accountable and motivated throughout the challenge.

  4. Exciting Prizes: Each month, one lucky participant will win $250.00 cash prize along with three free health coaching sessions with the renowned ACE Certified Health Coach, Chanel Spaulding.


Registrations open the designated period from the 15th-25th of the previous month so that you can hit the ground running on the 1st! Join us in this transformative journey and discover how small changes can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Sign up today and unlock a healthier, happier version of yourself!



Ready to crush your fitness goals? This plan is open to five clients a month, designed especially for self-starters like you! With this package, you'll receive personalized guidance and support to help you reach your desired fitness level. Choose from our incredible programs - Release, Maintain Your Frame, or OrGAINically Yours - and get started on your transformation journey.


Our certified ACE Health Coach will provide you with a suggested calorie intake tailored to YOUR needs. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a well-balanced diet that fuels your progress. Plus, we'll equip you with a detailed meal and workout guide, empowering you to build a plan that fits YOUR lifestyle perfectly.


But that's not all! To ensure you stay on track and motivated throughout your journey, we'll assign you a dedicated certified health coach. They'll personally check in with you every week for 4 weeks, providing valuable insights, guidance, and accountability.


Don't settle for average results when greatness is within reach. Take control of your fitness journey with the Hold Me Accountable Plan and experience the transformation you've always dreamed of. Start today and let us help you achieve your goals like never before!

* This plan is accessible to a limited amount of clients monthly.   Availability to purchase opens up every month on the 15th and closes on the 24th.*



Ready to transform your fitness journey into a lifestyle? Look no further than the Show Me The Way Plan - a comprehensive 12-week package designed for individuals who understand the importance of guidance and support on their path to self-improvement. With this hands-on program, you'll receive personalized attention from an ACE Certified Health Coach, ensuring that your fitness goals are met with precision and care.


Choose from our three exceptional programs - Release, Maintain Your Frame, or OrGAINically Yours - and embark on a transformative journey tailored specifically to your needs. You'll receive a detailed meal guide and fitness guide, carefully curated to align with your unique preferences and objectives. Plus, our ACE Certified Health Coach will calculate a personalized calorie count based on factors such as your weight, age, and more.


But that's not all! Prepare yourself for an immersive experience as you engage in 1:1 and group workouts with your dedicated coach 4 to 5 times a week. Monthly consultations will keep you on track, providing weigh-ins, measurements, and goal discussions that ensure progress is continuously monitored.


To assist you further in achieving success, we're thrilled to offer you a complimentary Free Yourself Fitness Tracker each month. This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly track your daily calories, moods, and exercises - empowering you to maintain consistency in making healthier choices long after the three-month journey is complete.


Don't wait another moment to take control of your fitness destiny. Register now for the Show Me The Way Plan - available for enrollment three times a year in December and March. Embrace the guidance you deserve and turn your fitness goals into an enduring lifestyle change today!

All purchases are final. No refunds!

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