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About Us

Free Yourself Fitness LLC. was founded in 2013 with its primary focus on helping individuals becoming the best version of themselves through health and wellness services. The CEO of FYF currently has a bachelor’s degree from Point Park in Psychology and holds a certification as an ACE Health Coach. The CEO is also currently working on their Masters in Counseling and a certification in Personal Training. As the FYF CEO continues their education journey, the vision for FYF is to bring a distinct, yet enjoyable experience to each client as we help meet their fitness goal and help each person transform to the healthiest version of themselves.


Our mission is to assist individuals in having successful health and wellness journeys by showing them how to re-prioritize their lives and put themselves first. We assist each client to understand why he/she is in their current physical state and use a holistic approach to help shift into them into the person he/she desires to be.  We achieve this with our clients through direct assistance, motivation, and accountability. Our goals are to:

  • Discover the barriers that are hindering the start of your health and wellness.

  • Bring clarity on the reasons why the barriers exist.

  • Assist you in re-prioritizing YOU in your life- helping you put YOU first. 

  • Guidance into the start of your health and wellness journey.

  • Position you to be consistent so that you can maximize your results on your journey.


Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or simply maintain, we aspire to help you get started, keep you on track, and see you to the finish line to your health and wellness goal as you transition to a better version of yourself.

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