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It’s the last full month of summer and you still have about 45 days to reach your summertime goal! What are your ways that you can make sure you are getting closer to your goals? Check out the 5 steps!

· Write Your Goal Down! - make sure your goals are visible so that they can be a constant reminder of what you are striving toward.

· Make a Plan! - Create a clear plan that indicates the steps that you will take to reach the goal.

· Clear it Out! - Remove all things from your space that will deter you from your goal.

· Follow the Plan! - There are so many people that create a plan and then forget about it! Walk out that plan that you put the time in to create!

· Take Pictures! - Make sure you take that before, the mid-way, and after picture! Often time pictures show what the scale does not show! Make sure you wear the same clothes in your pictures so that you can have an accurate depiction of the changes in your body!

Happy Goal Hunting!

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