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Summer Summer Summer Time! How to Stay on Track in the Most Hottest Season of the Year!

It's official! Summer is here! The sun is blazing, the pools are open, and since the pandemic is under control, the invitations to all cookouts are at an all time high!

With so many festivities taking place, are you wondering " How am I going to stay on track of my goals??" Check out the 10 tips below to stay on track of your goals!

  1. Meal Prep: Meal prepping saves you time with cooking and is ready for you when hunger hits unexpectedly!

  2. Accountability Partner: Have a trusted friend in your corner who is aware of your goals and can hold you accountable to it!

  3. Support System: Find others who have the same goals you have, have been on their own fitness journey, or at very least, support where you are going!

  4. An App: There are SO many apps available to help you stay on track of your goals. Do some research, find the best one that fits your needs, and adhere to it!

  5. Workout Chart: Create a workout chart that shows your daily exercises, hang it up in a place that you walk multiple times a day for consistent reminders.

  6. Just Eat 1!: If you are at a cookout, just eat one plate. If you are at a restaurant, just eat enough for one serving and box the rest!

  7. Avoid your downfalls: You are aware of what starts your downward spiral to no return. Avoid it at all costs! Your health and wellness goal is non- negotiable.

  8. Fill your S.M. timelines with your fitness inspirations: Find some people on social media who have met their goals and give you good advice to meet yours! It works wonders!

  9. Follow Free Yourself Fitness Inspirations on FB: You will receive daily content that inspires you to keep on going!

  10. Follow Free_Yourself_ Fitness_llc on IG: You can follow the current FYF cohort doing the work to meet their health and wellness goals just like you!

Enjoy the season of sun and the fun, yet don't allow your goals to become undone!

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